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AS Roma is for sale

Posted on | September 14, 2010 | No Comments

The things have started to go from bad to worse at AS Roma as the club is having large debs to pay.

Even if the club is owned by Sensi family for some time now, who are very  attached to the club, it looks like they have no option but to sell the club. After a failed attempt this summer it seems like AS Roma is closer then ever to have a new owner.

The favorite to take the charge of the club is number 122 from the top with the richest men in the World, Leonid Fedun.

Fedun owns 9.2% of Lukoil, the Russian oil giant. Even if he owns also Spartak Moskova, Fedun wants to pay €200 millions plus debt for 50%  stake in the club. He has plans that by 2012 to buy another 35% to have full control of the club.

After the success he had Abramovic at Chelsea more and more billionaires have started to invest in football



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