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Can Chelsea win Champions League? Malouda seems to think so

Posted on | October 10, 2008 | No Comments

Can Chelsea win Champions League? Malouda seems to think so.

Chelsea is today one of the most important clubs in the world, and since Roman Abramovici decided to invest a part of his fortune in one of his favorites hobbies ,football, Chelsea has gained a lot of prestige, more fans and also premier league titles.After the Russian invested so many millions in the club transfers, bringing the finest football players of modern times to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea became a top club and it seemed that Roman Abramovici had seen his dream come true.Or had he?

Uefa Champions League, is the forbidden dream for the Russian investor, this is the reason he bough Chelsea and invested many millions, and still hasn’t succeed although he has the best players, and staff, and came very close to winning the trophy last season when they lost it at penalties against Manchester United.

florent malouda

florent malouda

Malouda seems to know a bit more than his boss.The French winger,transfered from Lyon last summer is confident that this season, Chelsea will triumph over all the other clubs and finally Roman Abramivich’s dream will come true.He has scored in the opening game against Bordeaux in the 4-0 win and says that he and his team mates should start thinking about reaching the final and winning the title this season.

Malouda is very optimistic and very satisfied with playing at Chelsea and with the life in London,  and says he couldn’t imagine himself playing for a better club.

Time will tell if keeping a positive though is the key to a Champions League triumph for Chelsea.



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