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Can too much success,too soon damage Zenit?

Posted on | September 26, 2008 | No Comments

In the football history there where some examples of teams that have managed to gain success in a short period of time, rise up from the status of outsiders to favorites , and then after the quick success came
even a quicker downfall.



Is this happening to Zenit aswell?Is the team that gained success so quickly going to fall?Zenit‘s players last season won the UEFA cup, some of them played the EURO 2008 semifinals with Rusia their
national team , and lifted the UEFA Super Cup in a tremendous encounter with everyone’s favorite Manchester United.But after these huge successes Dick Advocat‘s team isn’t doing very well currently.

In the rusian premier league they are 17 points behing the leader FC Rubi Kazan, and in UEFA Champions league they have suffered a defeat against Juventus.More than that their next match in UEFA Champions league is against no other than the all time winner of UEFA Champions league,Real Madrid.

Dick Advocat has no other option but a win against Madrid otherwise Zenit might begin the downfall and become another team that met glory too soon.



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