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Catalan Derby between FC Barcelona and Espanyol

Posted on | September 27, 2008 | No Comments

These two teams FC Barcelona and Espanyol, have been there from the beginning, and there’s nothing more interesting than a local derby between two football teams from the same city.


2005-2006 derby

The derby is a real special game one filled with history, passion and desire to defeat the opponent.This Saturday’s derby is just another episode,the 147 meeting between Espanyol and Barcelona.

Another particularity that makes this derby special is the fact that both of the teams coaches ,Bartolomé ‘Tintín’ Márquez and Josep Guardiola, are catalan and both of them where emblematic midfield players for the two sides, and participated in previous derbies as football players.Now Josep Guardiola and Bartolomé ‘Tintín’ Márquez will face each other from the bench.Although taking a visit to the both teams trophy room shows clearly that Barcelona has been more successful than their local rival Espanyol, this doesn’t affect the emotional charge between the game.

Guardiola stated that this match is a match that the whole city is enjoying and is looking forward



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