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Did Juventus found the right formation?

Posted on | October 30, 2011 | No Comments

Until the ‘Calciopoli’ scandal Juventus were one of the fieriest forces in Serie A and Champions League but since then they never been at that level.

Even if they spent only one year in Serie B most of the players left the club. Juventus invested a lot of money in new players but for some reasons the club finished in mediocre positions every year. They failed to qualify for Champions League since and when they played in Europa League they were under expectations.

This seasons the things look more promising as they top the Serie A standings after nine games. More than that Juventus manage to beat Inter at San Siro, who are in a desperate situation now, and there is a bright future showing up.

The most important acquisitions for Juventus are Matri, Vucinic and Pirlo. They were the key players since the start of the season.



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