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Dimitar Berbatov starting to settle in well at Manchester United

Posted on | October 3, 2008 | No Comments

Dimitar Berbatov, one of the most known and talented football players at the moment, is showing that he is beginning to start settling in well at his new football club Manchester United.Following his transfer from Tottenham where he was considered a very important player and played a total number of 70 games and scored 27 goals in a period of two season ,everybody was expecting a lot from the Bulgarian player.

dimitar berbatov

dimitar berbatov

Not only because of the 30,75 mil pounds that where payed for him to move to Manchester United, but also because of his talent and capabilities, the Red Devil fans expected Berbatov to make a good and powerful start at his new club.However in his first three matches for United he didn’t manage to score and made fans question his transfer for such a big amount.But the fans should know that in case of any player  that gets transfered to a new club, that player needs a period of accommodation, to get to know the other players and get into the teams tactics.It seems this is valid for Berbatov as well.In the latest game in Champions league in Denmark Berbatov managed to play well and score two goals, confirming his status and his value,and also making his fans happy.

Sir Alex Ferguson is confident of his striker and is sure that he will start scoring for United in premier league, perhaps starting from the next league match against Blackburn.



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