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Hoffenheim, title contenders?

Posted on | October 31, 2008 | 1 Comment

Hoffenheim is a team from a village of 3200 inhabitants. The newly promoted in Bundesliga is financed by “German Abramovich” Dietmar Hopp.
The billionaire Hopp has invested around € 150 million in the club since 1990.
Despite not having any star players, the total salaries are 13 millon, Hoffenheim sit at the top of Bundesliga after 10 matches.
Ralf Rangnick is very pleased with the performance “It’s very positive where we are. The development of the team has been great. But we don’t want to lose what has been our main strength, the carefree approach.”
And the opponents have already started to worry.

Klinsman declared “Right at the start of the season, before a ball had been kicked, I said Hoffenheim were contenders for a place in Europe at the minimum. TSG are full of quality, the club is solid as a rock, and they’re under no pressure from the media. No-one expects miracles from their players, so they’re good for surprise after surprise every week.”
Some players attracted the interestes of Germany’s big clubs but the managerial staff dismissed the possibility of selling some of the players. The club has one of the best managerial team and the results are already coming. The team is incredibly motivated and this is one of their advantages.
It remains to see if they can keep this form and strenght untill the end of the season.

Some football fans are already concerning about the next season if the team manage to qualify for European cups. They are saying that Hoffenheim is ruining football and their lack of experience will be decisive next year.
These issues remain questionable and only time can tell what will happen later. What’s sure is that Hoffenheim is living a dream and they should take the advantages of it.



One Response to “Hoffenheim, title contenders?”

  1. Danny Thornton
    October 31st, 2008 @ 5:41 am

    New teams have to be held together for them to be successful.

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