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Manchester City the transfer champions?

Posted on | August 10, 2010 | No Comments

Fabregas to Barcelona, Maicon to Real or Robinho to Milan are the transfers that could compete with those made by Manchester City this summer.

Check out the list of transfers below and then the odds on betting sites to see if any of this will make a difference to their chances of winning…!

Jerome Boateng was signed for €12.5 millions, Yaya Toure for €30millions, Kolarov for €20millions and David Silva for €28.75millions, a total of €91.25millions which appears to be insignificant for City owner who has a fortune of approximately €15billions.

The previous season transfer record of €157millions was overtaken only by Real Madrid who spent the fabulous sum of €257millions on transfers.

It looks like this season Mancini wants to break all records. Not less than 10 players are still on Mancini’s list. Frank Ribery is one of them and the transfer sum could be around €60millions. Also Liverpool stars Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres are among the players wanted by Mancini and could cost him €50millions each.

Barcelona’s prolific striker Ibrahimovic is also wanted, with City offering €46millions. Also Balotelli is closer to sign for City for the sum of €30millions.

Another two players wanted at City of Manchester stadium are David Luiz and James Milner who could come for €29.5millions respectively €26 millions.

Luis Fabiano for €26millions and Marek Hamsik for €24millions are the last two players on the list.

If we count the sum spent until now €91.25millions with €372millions in case all this transfers would take place then we could assist at the largest amount spent one season in the history of football transfers.



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