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Massa wins Belgian GP

Posted on | September 8, 2008 | No Comments

Felipe Massa was declared the winner of the Belgian GP after Lewis Hamilton was penalised with 25 seconds because of a illegal move. Hamilton who started from pole position led only one lap being passed by Raikkonen. Raikkonen then dominated the race and looked like he would win his fourth strait Belgian GP, but the rain came and Hamilton annulled the advantage.



At the halfway point Raikkonen was in front of Hamilton with 5.5 seconds.
After second pit stop, when there were only 15 laps to go Hamilton closed at 2 seconds. Then Hamilton, who is regarded as the best driver of his generation in the rain, had an interesting  fight for the first place with Raikkonen.
At a moment Hamilton cutted the corner and took an advantage but he returned behind Kimi. Hamilton and Raikkonen almost crashed but after some spectacular moves from Hamilton he manage to avoid that and took the lead. Hamilton crossed the line with 14.4 seconds ahead Massa after Raikkonen crash his car into the side railings.
The stewards considered that Hamilton made an illegal move when he cutted the corner in front of Raikkonen and penalised him with 25 seconds. After this penalty Hamilton took the third place with Massa and Heidfeld taken the first two places. With only five races left, Hamilton leads the standings with 76 points being closely followed by Massa with 74 points.
The next race is the Italian Grand Prinx in Monza next Sunday.



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