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Milan interested in signing Anelka

Posted on | November 3, 2011 | No Comments

After Cassano injury Milan are searching for a replacement and Nicolas Anelka is one of the targets.

Anelka has been out of form this season, scoring only one goal in nine games, and Villas Boas would not say no if there would be a good offer. It is well known that Milan are tending to buy experienced players, mostly over 30 years, that are used with winning trophies.

Anelka is one of the most transferred players from the entire football history. The 32 years old striker played during his career for clubs like Arsenal, Real Madrid, PSG, Liverpool, Man City or Fenerbahce.

If the transfer will be done Chelsea will probably turn their attention on Lewandowski. The Dortmund striker turn the attention of the big clubs on him after a sensational start of the season in which he scored 14 goals.

Milan are interested also in Quagliarella from Juventus.



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