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New Ski guide was launched by ski holiday experts

Posted on | January 25, 2011 | No Comments

A new ski holidays guide was launched by the international mountain holiday SkiHorizon.

The guide is available in English, French and Dutch and contains among others information about the restaurants near sky resort, activities for the non-skiing people or ‘the essential slopes to try before you die.

The guide is very useful for anyone interested in any winter sport or just Europe mountains. The guide could be  helpful for tourist who intend to spent their winter holiday in Europe mountains, so that they know about the best conditions and perfect locations.

The SkiHorizon Sky Holiday Marketing Manager said that everybody knows how important is to find the perfect location when you are searching for a ski deals.

SkiHorizon Sky Holiday Guide contains articles based on different types of holidays, family holidays, group holidays, but also for different experience levels.

SkiHorizon Ski Holiday Guide team knows that new skiers need more and different type of information and they try to make the things simple. There are lessons about ski but also details about what to contain  their suitcases.

Anyway the information is not only for the beginners. The experienced skiers would find the guide very interesting as they would discover  the lesser-known parts of skiing or they could get new ideas.



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