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Online Casino Vs Land-based Casino

Posted on | June 7, 2011 | No Comments

Land-based casino gambling has been attracting millions for years. Online casinos have but taken the rage to the next level; attracting existing and new gamblers/players alike.

This of course is accredited to the advantages that an online casino offers as compared to a brick-and-mortar one. First of these advantages is the number of casinos that are available at a click of a button, which range in hundreds; against the limited land-based options.
The other great part is that you don’t need to actually go to these casinos; they have come to you. You are saved the inconvenience of traveling to them. You can now sit at home, comfortably; and play your favorite games anytime, alone or with other international players; irrespective of the part of the world you are in.

Sitting at home implies that you are saved from all the ongoing distractions, which are usually present at a land-based casino. These may include the cocktail waitresses, performances, alcohol etc. This also means that you don’t have to follow any dress-code either. You can ‘visit’ the online casino even in your pajamas.

All of the above stated advantages of an online casino bring forth yet another one. And that is the money that you save playing here. You can dispense with the expenses related to traveling to these destinations; eating and drinking there; not to forget, tips; as well as the cost of buying the right dress.

Not only do you SAVE money, but GET it too as well as have a better chance of winning it also. The former refers to the real-cash bonuses offered by the online casinos; unlike at the real joints. And the latter refers to the higher payouts that they promise. This is possible as they have negligible costs to account for.

There is hardly any variations to the rules between the games available online or otherwise. In fact, you have only more options to choose from at online casinos; that too at a click, instead of wandering around the establishment for the same. You don’t necessarily have to have real money to play with either. Free games are offered at every online casino.

Finally, there are no timing restrictions also. You don’t need to spare a certain amount of time from your schedule to visit there. These games can be played for as long as hours; or for as little as few minutes, depending on your convenience.



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