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Orbea Bikes for Triathlon Athletes

Posted on | March 8, 2012 | No Comments

Orbea Bikes is a Spanish company that has made a name for itself by producing dependable equipment. The company began by making something very different in the 1930s. Staff manufactured guns and rifles back then. With 90 years of experience and market presence under their belt, it was time to change direction. It took a few years, but Orbea now produces some of the top bicycles in the world. They are popular in road races, mountain biking and trekking. Where they make their greatest impact, however, is among triathlon competitors.

Orbea sponsors individuals and teams taking part in international competitions. Their sponsorship activities enable athletes to excel and to win. With the success of these athletes comes an automatic advertising opportunity for the company. When a cyclist stands on the podium wearing the company name on his jersey, the result is instant recognition among global audiences who want to be as fast on two wheels as the professional riders. If world renowned athletes are riding them, they must be sturdy and reliable.

There are two types of triathlon bicycles sold by Orbea, the Ordu and the Orca. The Ordu is one of the best of its kind and comes with every advantage an athlete needs in one of these competitions. Ordu has been used by Craig Alexander who won U.S. championships two years running. This bike is smooth on mountain trails and at high speed. Now, the Ordu has its own subtypes made especially for mountain bikers that are akin to Colnago Bikes.

If you want a triathlon pedal bike, take note of a few essential points. Your bike should be comfortable and maneuverable on the many kinds of terrain one experiences during a grueling race. A light frame is ideal for pushing hard. Although Orbea Bike models are light and speedy, they are also sturdy. Riders find them comfortable as well.



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