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Road to World Cup

Posted on | May 10, 2010 | No Comments

This summer will be held one of the most expected and anticipated sport competition, World Cup. Many supporters from all over the World are expected to this competition and because of that Uefa together with South Africa, the organizing country, tried to solve all the problems in advance and tried to be prepared for any situation during the competition.

Also Vish Naido declared that the World Cup will be played safely and that the security is very good.

Adidas has launched the official ball for the World Cup finals at Herzogenaurach,Germany. The tourney will begin in July 11.

As usually the World Cup betting experts see Brazil as the hot favorites, although Dunga whose contract expires in the summer is no longer supported by the  officials. Dunga has at his disposal players of the highest caliber even for substitutes affording to let out some of the best AC Milan players, Ronaldinho and Pato .

Michel Platini and Carlo Ancelotti both think that England will win the tournament. Cappelo managed to transform that team with low morale that missed the European Championship in 2008 in one of the tournament favorites and Torres sees a final between Spain and England.

Platini said that if you look over England squad you can not see any weakness and the only possible problem could be a physical one.

Germany lost two important players, Adler and Rolfes, who are both injured. Also Portugal has its chance considering that they have great players at clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United, Inter, and last but not at least one of the best players in the World.

Italy comes hard from behind, and besides Totti who will still be outside,they seem to be motivated to retain the title.

Argentina has big dreams, with a  squad of around €325 millions, with players like Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso and Diego Milito wich seem to not be in Maradona’s plans.

Platini also claims that Domenech is an obstacle for France to win the World Cup and the results confirm that.

Netherlands is also on cards with in form players like Robben, Sneijder, Robin van Persie or Rafael van der Vaart who can lead the team to success.

The other teams will try to keep pace with the big favorites but surprises can occur considering the latest developments in football.



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