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Should electronic mouthguards be introduced in rugby?

Posted on | April 4, 2013 | No Comments

It is well known that rugby is one of the most toughest sports. Hutt Old Boys Marist players have started to wore the electronic mouthguards to detect better the concussions and ensure better the players healthy.

The mouthguards were imported from US by the team doctor to measure the received by the players on the field.

The players wore the mouthguards last game against Wainuiomata in the Swindale Shield match and will probably do the same on Saturday game against Oriental-Rongotai. The rugby odds are giving them as favorites for the game.

King, the team doctor, started this work after he witnessed the dead of Leaonardo Va’a in 1998. The player died on the field after he suffered a few concussions and a bleed on his brain. The player was declared dead at the arrival at the hospital. That incident marked King and determined him to want to know more about it.

He started to work in rugby last year when HOBM decided that all players should make the tests after every match.

King declared that the New Zealand Rugby union is not involved in this even if they know all about it. The club players are forced to take a break of three weeks in case of a diagnosed concussion. Unfortunately this is only for professional players.

King also declared that most of the players have embraced the concept but there are some of them who were reluctant in accepting it.



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