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Will Del Piero retire at the end of the season?

Alessandro Del Piero is one of the Italian football legends whose career is about to end. The 36 years old striker came at Juventus in 1993 from Padova and since then he was one of the team leaders. He played over 500 games for Juventus and scored 205 goals. Del Piero who will be 37 […]


Immortal Del Piero takes Juve to the top

When you say Alessandro Del Piero, your thoughts take you to the Italian football club Juventus Torino. And why is that?Is it because he has played most of his football career at Juve, since 1993 when he transferred to Torino?Is it because Del Piero is currently the all-time top scorer for Juventus scoring 247 goals, […]


Del Piero close to 50th European goal

Del Piero was signed by Juventus in 1993 after initially turned down by Milan. In his first full match he scored a hat-trick against Parma. Del Piero established as a key player in the Juventus team. His best season was in 1998-1999 when he scored 21 goals. Del Piero has scored 48 goals in Europe […]