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Tottenham and Newcastle still not recovering

Posted on | October 20, 2008 | No Comments

Both teams had great expectations at the start of the season but the clubs are at the bottom of the table at the moment.

juande ramos

juande ramos

Tottenham and Newcastle invested a lot of money in recent years, hoping to secure a Champions League place.

Of course is too early to tell but at the moment the relegation is more closer than a European place for both of the teams.
Tottenham are facing the worst ever start of the season with only 2 points from 8 matches meanwhile Newcastle have 5 points but one less game.
Sir Bobby Robson hopes that the new owner will appoint Alan Shearer as manager, the only man that could save Newcastle in his vision.
As for the Tottenham manager the situation can’t be worse. A group of supporters have planed a mass protest for Tottenham’s next game against Bolton.
Even Ramos admitted that he is woried about the situation but he still has the chairman and players support. Tottenham poor form might be also the result of selling two of the most most influential players  Berbatov and Keane.
If the following matches do not bring any changes is likely to see a dismisall.



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