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USA The Champions Of Women Football Once Again

Posted on | July 9, 2015 | No Comments

United States have been considered the best team in women football for decades. United States is the country where women football is developing at a really fast pace. USA has won the title of Women World Champions more than any other nation in the world. In 2011 Japan emerged as a strong team during the world cup and then made their way to the finals of the World Cup where they had to face United States in the final. As the Japanese team was playing in the world cup a strong earth quake hit their country. The environment in the finals was really emotional and almost everyone supported the Japanese women football team. As a result the Japanese team was able to defeat USA and win the title which they dedicated to the victims of the deadly earthquake.

As the Japanese team enjoyed their victory, the United States women football team was in distress because they had lost the title that they almost deserved. The United States team was looking forward to get a chance to win this title back. The US team had been waiting for the last four years to get this title back. This year the United States team started the World Cup with great spirits and performed really well during the entire World Cup, while on the other hand the Japanese team was also playing with the same caliber. In the end both the teams made a spot for themselves in the Final of the World Cup.

The final of the world cup was one of the most amazing and action filled matches of the world cup. The match was balanced between both the teams for a really long time; both the teams had almost equal chances of success all over the match. Most of the people were unsure about the result and so on betting sites them betted equally on both the teams. Soon after that US scored three consecutive goals and took the lead away from Japan and in the end the final score was 5-2. People mostly preferred live betting for this match, but even than people were unable to predict the result as all the three goals that made US victorious were scored within one minute. Live betting is really great option but at many occasions it becomes less useful because the games change suddenly and thing happen that no one even thought about.



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