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Wiil Gerrard came-back influence Liverpool performances?

Posted on | September 10, 2011 | No Comments

Steven Gerrard has returned to training ground after a long period of absence.

steven gerrard

The English star suffered an groin injury in March and since then he was not available for Kenny Dalglish.

It is well know that Steven Gerrard has a big influence at Liverpool. Sometimes only his presence on the field motivates his colleagues.

Gerrard is one of the most complete midfielders in the World as he can play whenever is needed. He can play as a attacking midfielder, playmaker,behind the strikers, on the wings or as a defensive midfielder. The 31 years old International played also as a right back when needed. If we remember the Champions League final from Istanbul against AC Milan, Gerrard played on many positions during the match one of them was full back.

The Liverpool captain declared that he even if it’s a little hard for him he really happy with the return. Also his manager declared his delight with his return and mentioned that having him after this long period will be as a new signing for the team.

Stevie G is one of the few players who dedicated their entire career to the same club and that’s why he is so loved by the officials and the supporters from all over the world.

Gerrard scored 84 goals in 387 appearances for Liverpool while for the national team he scored 19 goals in 89 games.



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