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Will Del Piero retire at the end of the season?

Posted on | October 19, 2011 | No Comments

Alessandro Del Piero is one of the Italian football legends whose career is about to end.

del piero

The 36 years old striker came at Juventus in 1993 from Padova and since then he was one of the team leaders. He played over 500 games for Juventus and scored 205 goals.

Del Piero who will be 37 years old next month, has to make a tough decision at the end of the season. His current contract is going to expire at the end of the season and Juventus board already announced that they are not going to offer him a new deal.

This decision was already contested by the fans who love to see their favorite into action. Also former Juventus director  Luciano Moggi declared that he is surprised by the Juventus decision.

Moggi things that this was bad decision from the Juventus board and that teh should have wait until spring to announce the decision in order to not demotivate the player.

On the other hand this could be a strategy by the club to force the supporters to buy more tickets to see their favorite for the last year.

Del Piero has won almost everything as a player with the club and with the national team.



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