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Will Mario Gomez leave Bayern in the summer?

Posted on | March 18, 2013 | No Comments

Mario Gomez is going trough a tough period of his life. Even if he just signed a contract extension with his team, Gomez is not happy at Bayern.

The 27 years old forward has lost his starting place in the favor of Mandzukic who is having an extraordinary season. Mandzukic came at Bayern last summer to fill the void left by Gomez injury. Super Mario suffered a ankle surgery just after the Euro 2012.

Gomez declared that it’s to early to talk about his future but if the situation will not change until the end of the season he might consider leaving Bayern.

Gomez is considered one of the best strikers in the Europe at the moment and there are a lot of teams that would be interested in signing him if he decides to leave.

The things might change next season when Guardiola will be in charge at Bayern. It is well known that the Spanish coach is an admirer of Gomez  abilities and that he also tried to sign him when he was coaching Barcelona.



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