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Five reasons for Nedved to retire at the end of the season

Posted on | February 26, 2009 | No Comments

Nedved retirement was one of the most discussed topics even from the beginning of the season.

Nedved arrived at Juventus in 2001 as a replacement for Zidane who left “The Old Lady” for Real Madrid. Since his arrival Nedved featured regularly in the Juventus first team. The 36 year-old player proved his loyalty for the club when he decided to stay with Juventus and play in Serie B after Calciopoli scandal.

The Czech midfielder has finally decided that he will retire at the end of the season. The most decisive factors in taking the decision were:

1. The advancing age.

2. Contract negotiations with Juventus failed.

3. Juventus already searching for a replacement.

4. Doesn’t want to play for other team.

5. Want to retire in glory.

Playing on the wing at the highest level every week is not an easy task for a 36 year old man. Nedved looked tired often this season and this could be one reason for making him consider quiting.

Contract negotiations have failed, Nedved refused to accept Juventus proposal “pay as you play deal”. Also the veteran midfielder could be disappointed by the fact that Juventus was searching for a replacement even from the beginning of the season.

A retirement at the perfect time is what every player wishes. Zidane is one of the players who retired early even if he could play few more years. Now everybody regrets him and definitely Nedved would like to happen as well in his case.

Playing for another team at the end of career is not a good choice and lot of great players made this wrong step at the end of their career.

Whatever his finnal decision will be Nedved will remain a football legend, a world-class player.



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