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Will Javier Zanetti play football again?

Posted on | April 29, 2013 | No Comments

Javier Zanetti suffered a bad injury on  Achilles tendon on last Sunday Serie A game against Palermo. It was a bad day for Inter fans who have lost the game 1-0 with Palermo and their captain.

The Achilles tendon injuries are from the worst injuries as the player is not allowed to make any effort for a period of six to nine months. This kind of injury would determine most of the players to retire and if we consider that Zanetti is 39 years old we might think that this is the end of his career.

But the Argentinean full-back insisted that he is not going to retire and that he will come back stronger. A few months ago Zanetti declared that he wants to extend his contract with Inter as he intends to play a few more years.

Zanetti has received a lot of messages of support from football fans all over the World. Zanetti made over 600 Serie A appearances for Inter since 1995 until now. One thing to notice is that Zanetti rarely got injured and he played most of the games since his arrival at Inter.

We all hope that he will get back soon and if there is somebody that can recover from this kind of injury at this age then that man is “El Tractor”.



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