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Will Manchester United sign Isak next summer?

Posted on | February 6, 2022 | No Comments

Latest rumours from Premier League suggest that Manchester United are prepared to make a move for Alexander Isak in the summer. The Swedish star has a £75 million release clause which is considered acceptable by the Red Devils.

United have failed to win the Premier League since 2012-2013 season, and they are trying to get back among the best European clubs. Ronaldo’s came back doesn’t seem to be enough, and acquiring another top quality striker is needed.

Erling Haaland will probably chose to move to Spain with Real Madrid or Barcelona possible destination. Manchester City and Liverpool are other possible destinations for Haaland who will definitely move to a team that is capable of fighting for the league and the Champions League titles.

It is believed that Arsenal even tried to sign the Swedish international in the January transfer window but the price asked by Sociedad and the incertitude of playing in Champions League next year blocked the move.

Since joining Real Sociedad in 2019, Isak has scored 30 goals for the Spanish team in 90 appearances. They offered him a long term contract wich ends in 2026. The Spanish team are not willing to negotiate with any team that offers less than the release clause.

Isak played 32 games for Sweden and scored 9 goals. He was one of the best players at Euro 2020. Even so, Borussia Dortmund have not activated the buy-back clause and preferred to negotiate a new agreement with Real Sociedad to remove that clause.

The former Borussia Dormund player started his career at AIK at the age of six. He played only one year for the senior team before moving to Bundesliga team in 2017. In those 2 years of contract with Dortmund he played mostly for the second team. He was also loaned in the Eredivisie an Willem 2.

So, what do you think? Will Alexander Isak be a good transfer for Manchester United? Best online casinos au believe so. Of course the transfer largely depends on who will take the team as Ralf Rangnick is only the iterim boss at Old Trafford.

UFC’s Heavyweight Dilemma

Posted on | January 27, 2022 | No Comments

The UFC holds a certain prestige in the fight game, not only is it the biggest name in MMA hosting many of the biggest stars, but also continues the trend of hosting many of the biggest events in the always shining Vegas known for its bright lights and big casinos with alternatives launching online as you can use these sites to find some of the best – but the UFC has also gained a reputation over the years for underpaying fighters and perhaps not representing their best interests, and is something that has thrown the heavyweight division into a bit of a tough spot.

Current heavyweight champ, Francis Ngannou, has been quite outspoken about this recently but isn’t the first to raise concerns as the UFC has had a long list of heavyweight fighters speak out about the treatment – Mark Hunt is certainly the most notable and was one of the first fighters to launch a larger scale law suit, former champ Stipe Miocic has also been quite outspoken about the poor treatment received during his tenure as champ at the UFC too in a somewhat recurring theme.

With Ngannou beating his most recent challenger and having his fight contact come to an end, it seems there has been no desire to renegotiate a contract unless more money is guaranteed – having only secured a suggested purse of $600,000 on this most recent title fight and likely some pay-per-view points too, it falls very short of what some fighters are earning in other sports, particularly those of championship fights too. Other personalities have been making waves here too most notably Jake Paul, by reaching out to UFC fighters and boxers alike and paying them a substantial figure for the one night, it has outlined this issue even more – and has even led to a suggested lawsuit from the UFC against Ngannou for negotiating with the Paul team. Whether or not this lawsuit will hold any water is yet to be seen but is something to be considered.

With fighter pay being a topic of discussion within the organization for quite some time, it’s unlikely that there’s any change coming any time soon particularly as there has been support from some more outspoken fighters who hold a bigger voice – but as awareness continues to grow and the figures become more visible for each fighters pay too, there is pressure growing against the UFC to start adjusting fighter pay to more fair rates, and to have other organizations perhaps follow the same path and show more visible fighter pay too.

January 2022 Transfer Window is already Underway! Two Known Footballers Have Entered the Premier League!

Posted on | January 10, 2022 | No Comments

The January 2022 transfer window is open and well-underway, we’ve already seen confirmed transfers and there are more signings and bids that are about to happen, if you would like to wager on your favourite players moving club and have the chance to profit then there are various sport options like here that will be able to offer you fantastic odds as well as give you great offers, promotions and much more. Furthermore, let’s have a look at the first big transfer in the January 2022 window.

Philippe Coutinho

An Aston Villa loan deal for Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho has been finalised after Steven Gerrard spoke with his former Liverpool teammate about a potential move to Liverpool football club.

Philippe Coutinho has agreed a deal to join Aston Villa from Barcelona in January. Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez have agreed that the Brazil talisman would return to the Premier League till the end of the season. It was via this agreement that former Liverpool teammate and current managerwas able to reacquaint themselves.

Coutinho’s move to Aston Villa was made possible by Gerrard’s close friendship with the club’s manager.After meeting with Steven Gerrard, Aston Villa’s offensive midfielder was persuaded to join the club, and many feel he will make an immediate impact.

Kieran Trippier

The Premier League club Newcastle United has signed Kieran Trippier from Atletico Madrid for £12 million. Trippier has a two-and-a-half-year contract with Newcastle that has an available option to be extended for an additional year. Kieran Trippier has always wanted to play in England, therefore, he flew to Newcastle on a private plane and discussed a potential move to the club.

Eddie Howe is hoping that the arrival of Atlético Madrid right-back Kieran Trippier at Newcastle United would serve as an inspiration to other top players across the globe to make the move to St James’ Park.

Kieran Trippier said this in a recent interview: “I really enjoyed my time in Madrid, but when I became aware of interest from Newcastle United, and having worked with Eddie Howe before, I knew this was where I wanted to be”.

Later that day, an interview followed by Eddie Howe (Current Newcastle manager) said “I am really pleased to welcome Kieran to Newcastle United. I have long admired his abilities and have followed his career, so when the opportunity arose to secure him, we didn’t hesitate.”

“A lot of hard work has gone into planning for the January transfer window long before the month began, which is clear in how quickly we have been able to complete this move.”

The January transfer window begins

Posted on | January 7, 2022 | No Comments

Transfer windows are always a wild time for all involved in the world of football with fans expecting their clubs to ship out unwanted players and bring in world-class talents to improve the squads. This January looks to be a busy transfer window for clubs and leagues across the country with a lot of business already being done early into the window. In recent seasons there have been a lot of football fans placing transfer bets on certain players they either expect to leave a club or to stay and sign a new contract, fans have been putting on some crazy football transfer bets recently hoping to try and win themselves some money as well as witnessing their clubs sign the players that they want and have placed bets on to join them. More platforms are looking to offer football fans transfer betting markets due to the popular demand of football fans around the world and the best casinos are offering some good websites to visit when looking to place these types of bets. A lot of football fans are loving that at the best casinos they can play various casino games whilst watching the transfer updates on tv or their smartphones. Bookmakers are struggling to keep up with the transfer rumours and being able to put odds on certain players leaving and joining clubs due to the rumours changing daily so it is hard for football fans to work out whom to place bets on that have a chance of winning them some money.

Even early in the January transfer window a lot of business has already been done, the window hasn’t even been open a week yet and clubs are already looking to get their business done early doors. Some world-class players are being rumoured to be on the move and a lot of football fans are getting their transfer bets placed on these players in case this happens as they don’t want to miss the opportunity of making some money on player transfers. The Premier League is the best in the world according to most football fans and players so January will be an interesting window to see what new players want to make the move to the league and prove that they have what it takes to compete in it. The January transfer window is expected to be busy and a good one, but some clubs will leave their business to transfer deadline day which is the most exciting day to be a football fan due to clubs rushing around to make their signings in time.

Football Podcasts to Follow

Posted on | November 5, 2021 | No Comments

Different forms of media have been growing in popularity online over the past decade and thriving more than ever with a change in working habits with the big shift to remote working and launch of newer platforms too –this includes streaming options for movie and TV, gaming options available at casino genie and many others, and for those with a bit more time to listen it also includes podcasting too which has become one of the most listened to forms of media. There are podcasts to cover all sorts of topics and with all sorts of views on these topics too, and for football fans there are certainly some must listen to options out there.

The Peter Crouch Podcast – It’s always great to get an inside look at what it’s like to be in the profession and in the sport, and former player Peter Crouch has a podcast that regales listeners with stories of his time in the English Premier League and what it’s like to play for some of the biggest clubs in the world, as well as playing at an international level. Whilst it doesn’t cover a lot of topics like football betting which have become an interest, it does give a great unique perspective that’s hard to find outside of a current or former professional player.

Trademate Sports Betting Podcast – This one has a bigger look at all things football betting and hosts a number of different interviews with experts and insiders in the industry – with longer episodes and multiple episodes per week, if getting into the act of football betting is on the mind then this is one worth exploring. The experts can help provide some information that could change the way punters approach wagering, and insiders might be able to give some specific information that could help with unique situations, providing a well-rounded listen.

The Athletic – If looking for something a little more focused around game theory and the ins and outs of decisions teams are making – Zonal Marking is an in-depth look at the way teams are performing and why certain decisions have been made, and may help provide a more expert look at the way games in the future could round out, and for those looking to place a wager could provide some insight into what to look out for from a tactical perspective which may be harder to think of ordinarily.

New football podcasts are popping up all the time, so there is plenty of coverage to look out for to fit any interest or niche – be sure to check a few out and there may be some surprises hidden amongst the others to fill that football need.

Should Fifa introduce video replay?

Posted on | August 18, 2010 | No Comments

The video replay one of the most discussed topic in football in the recent years.

Everyone expects from the referees to be perfect, or at least to reduce the mistakes during the games but it looks that this is a very hard task to do. So everyone tries to find solutions, and Fifa is pressed from all sides to come with an alternative.

In the first phase Fifa tried the system with 6 referees, tested it in Europa League, but even this solution doesn’t seem to be better. There were also speculations that the ball should contain a chip to signal when the ball passes the line of the goal but the solutions is not well seen by the specialists.

So at the moment it looks like the only viable solution is the video replay.Regarding the video replay the opinions are divided with a plus for it. Fifa is pressed to take a decision especially after the World Cup mistakes, when some of them proved to be crucial.

So after rugby, basketball, tennis or american football we might have video replays also in football. This decision would bring advantages but not only.

At advantages we can mention fewer mistakes that can decide games and fewer scandals. On the other side the spirit and the charm of the game would suffer.  Imagine for example a game show with a similar setup – a Who Wants To Be Millionaire Online Game for example would take so long and become boring. Also the game could have more than 10 minutes of additional time which could determine the players to lose their patience  awaiting for the verdict, the fluidity of the game could also suffer.

The final decision will be taken in November but there are chances for a positive answer.

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