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Europa League final – Liverpool – Sevilla

Posted on | May 17, 2016 | No Comments

Sevilla and Liverpool will do the battle in Basel on Wednesday for Europe’s second-tier trophy.

The two managers are aware of the magnitude of the Europa League final because the winners will be taking a place in next season of Champions League and they will do all they can to win this match.

2016 best Australian online casinos believe that the Andalusians are favorites in this final as they have won the continental competition on four occasions over the last ten years . After 2006 and 2007 successes when they won the trophy under Juande Ramos, they will try Wednesday to win their third consecutive title under the command of Unai Emery.
On the other side, Liverpool will try to save the season with a win in the Europa League final. They have not been in a European final for almost 10 years now and they will try to stop the Spanish teams domination.

Even if they lose, Sevilla have qualified for the next season of Europa League as they finished in 7th place in La Liga but for Liverpool this is the only way to play in a European Competition next year. Liverpool have finished only on 8th place in Premier League. Even if the Andalusians are favorites, the English side have their chances.
After a disastrous start of the season, Jurgen Klopp was appointed as Liverpool coach and the team started to play better and better.
The German has lauded the Spanish club’s achievement of reaching three finals in a row but claims that the Sevilla have no advantage over his side.

10 Football Injuries you won’t want to see at Euro 2016

Posted on | May 13, 2016 | No Comments

There is nothing worse than enjoying a football match on a Saturday afternoon with your friends and family when suddenly with one dirty, devastating tackle it turns into a scene out of Hostel. Horrific sports injuries can put last night’s dinner back on your lap,and are tough to watch because you never want to see something that could end someone’s career and you definitely don’t want to see these types of injuries at the Euro championships this year. Put your seat belt on, because here are some of the worst footballing injuries you’ll ever see.

1. Paulo Diogo (2004)

After scoring a sublime individual effort, Paulo jumped up on a fence to celebrate. When he jumped down he let go, but his wedding ring got caught on the metal barrier. For his troubles, he got a yellow card of course.



2. David Busst (1996)

Busst’s injury is one of the worst footballing injuries ever caught on camera. He doesn’t just break his leg, he shatters it into a number of pieces.You can go and check the video out if you wish, but this photo should be enough to make you do what Schmeichel did on the pitch that day and vomit everywhere.



3. Francesco Totti (2006)

Described by Roma’s director of football at the time as cruel and serious, it could be said that those chosen words don’t do the sustained injury justice. Whilst the ankle break doesn’t sit for pleasurable viewing, Totti returned to action within two months!



4. Eduardo Da Silva (2008)

Probably one of the dirtiest tackles you will ever witness, the culprit Martin Taylor rightly received a red card. Unfortunately for the victim, the only red he would see after that would also be of a whitish colour protruding through his skin.



5. Jacob Olesen (2006)

Danish football striker Jacob Olesen suffered a dislocation of the left ankle during a football match in 2006. No need to scream Jacob, we can see it’s broken…



6. Ewald Lienen (1981)

Ewald was on the wrong end of a sliding tackle that would slice open the skin on his thigh quicker than a knife slicing an orange. Ouch…



7. Djibril Cisse (2006)

During a friendly international football match in Saint Etienne in 2006 Cisse was the subject of a ferocious tackle that would leave him and his right leg in a crumpled heap on the floor.



8. Edgar Andrade (2007)

Mexican stalwart Edgar Andrade suffered a dramatic fractured ankle whilst playing for Cruz Azul in 2007. His leg twisted in directions only witnessed during a tornado storm.



9. Alf-Inge Haaland (2001)

Roy Keane admitted in his autobiography he intended to harm Alf-Inge with this challenge after the pair traded verbals over a cruciate injury Roy had sustained in 1997. Haaland never played a full match again and retired in 2003, citing this tackle as the reason why. Word of advice, don’t p*** off Roy Keane anytime soon.



10. Luc Nilis (2000)

You could almost excuse this image for being ‘photoshopped’, but we can assure you it actually happened. One of the most sought after strikers in world football at the time, Luc would have to end his career prematurely after suffering a broken leg in a game for Aston Villa in 2000.



Mobile gambling Apps

Posted on | April 25, 2016 | No Comments

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Although the majority of mobile gambling Apps allow you register direct from the App some demand that you open an account with the online gambling site first. Mobile gambling Apps offer different products to be enjoyed by gamers looking for unique experiences. Some offer wide game selections while others offer attractive bonuses. Naturally due to the differences in screen sizes mobile gambling Apps have a smaller games selection compared to desktop versions.

For most devices the safest is to download the App from your favourite online gambling site. This is because the sites try to make the mobile site as identical to the desktop version as possible. Some operating system App stores like the Blackberry World offers Apps that truly give an awesome gambling experience. That said, there are several low-quality Apps from third parties on operating systems App stores. However, a general rule of thumb is to select a Mobile App that is from a reputable online gambling brand.

Former champions hoping to find the road back to the gold at UFC 200

Posted on | April 19, 2016 | No Comments

UFC 200 takes place at the brand new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 9th and it looks set to be one of the cards of the year. There’s name value, excitement, current champions and former champions all battling it out in unarmed combat. All of those involved are hoping for the win that will bring the bigger paydays and open more doors.

Conor McGregor headlines in the instant rematch against Nate Diaz, who handed the Irishman his first UFC loss at UFC 196. That’s a great story in its own right, but there’s plenty more to be excited about on the supporting card.

There are four former UFC world champions looking to get back to winning ways. To be on the right track in order to retrieve the illustrious titles, wins here are a necessity. Should they fall short, they take another step back in the pecking order and will struggle to be in their respective title races for a long while to come.

Victory would put them right back in contention and every fallen champion has that desire to recapture what they believe should be rightfully theirs.

Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar do battle for the interim featherweight title, with McGregor in action two weight classes higher in the main event. Aldo was the most dominant champion the 145lbs division has ever seen until McGregor quite literally toppled him, and Edgar won the UFC’s lightweight title before failing on his attempts at the gold when he moved down.

Aldo is 4/5, according to the UFC 200 odds, just edging ahead of Edgar at evens when this article was produced. Aldo has beaten Edgar before, albeit in a very hard-fought contest, but he was emphatically knocked out in his last bout and you have to wonder whether that will have an impact on his ability to do it again.

Edgar is tough and has the gas to make the rounds look easy, whereas Aldo is known to fade. This makes it an extremely intriguing battle, with both men wanting their shot at the real world title held by McGregor if he returns to 145lbs at any point.

Cain Velasquez is also on the bill and the former heavyweight champion is favourite against hard-hitting Travis Browne. Two-time world champion Velasquez was submitted for the first time in his career by Fabricio Werdum, but a victory should make him a top contender once again.

The other former champion is Johny Hendricks, the welterweight wrestler who briefly held the 170lbs title after defeating Robbie Lawler only to have it snatched away in the immediate rematch. Hendricks looked to be back on track when he beat Matt Brown, but he has since suffered the worst defeat of his career, as Stephen Thompson demolished him with superior striking in February.

The nature of the last loss means that this is must-win for Hendricks if he wants his name to be around the title picture at all in the next year.

The mettle of every true champion can be tested in situations like these. There are no easy routes at the highest level of mixed martial arts but if they ever want to be world champions again, Aldo, Edgar, Velasquez and Hendricks will have to do their best to find a way.

Rooney at Risk of Losing England Euro 16 Place

Posted on | March 31, 2016 | No Comments

The 2016 UEFA European Championship is slowly dominating sports news, with only three months until the opening ceremony. As the international event is synonymous with England and them never managing to get past the semi-final stage, all attention is currently on whether they can make this year theirs.

After the success of their friendly played against Germany on March 26th, the question of whether England have learnt anything from Germany’s victory in the 2014 World Cup would appear to have been put to bed. Having been two-nil down for the majority of the match, England’s impressive fight and passion to regain control, despite the mantra of ‘it’s only a friendly’, helped fans catch a glimpse of what Roy Hodgson’s England team is capable of. Which in turn spurred on comments from the likes of renowned Newcastle player Malcolm Macdonald, who believes that England can present themselves as a serious Euro 16 threat.

In his commentary on the England side, Macdonald stated that the club now has strikers that can instill worry into a lot of European teams taking part, something which England had lacked in prior UEFA Championships. He focused his attention on Leicester’s Jamie Vardy and Tottenham’s Harry Kane, however, it was Wayne Rooney who he pinpointed as being key to this pairing. Rooney could take on a kind of puppeteer role and pull all the strings, enabling a strong force to dominate the pitch, or at least that is what Macdonald believes. That being said, while a bet on Euro 2016 at Coral is a must for virtually all fans, pinning hopes on the Manchester United captain might not be wise as it appears that Roy Hodgson has yet to confirm where the former Everton stars places in the team.

There is no doubt that Rooney will be in the final 23 strong team, however, there is mounting pressure as to what role he will assume, and whether Kane could replace him in the starting line up. Due to a knee injury, Rooney was unable to play in the friendly against Germany and Holland, and despite the fact that the Holland match didn’t go in England’s favour, there is still a lot of hope surrounding the current team put forward. This is most apparent in some of the fantasy teams that commentators are putting together after the Holland loss on Tuesday March 29th; not once in the lineup is Rooney mentioned.

The argument for getting rid of Rooney in the first England team is something that is growing in popularity, and as such adds more intensity to the Wayne Rooney Euro 2016 question in general. Currently the player seems to be safe, but for how long is undoubtedly what many fans and backers are asking as they continue to cast their eyes to the fluctuating Euro 2016 odds.

Should Fifa introduce video replay?

Posted on | August 18, 2010 | No Comments

The video replay one of the most discussed topic in football in the recent years.

Everyone expects from the referees to be perfect, or at least to reduce the mistakes during the games but it looks that this is a very hard task to do. So everyone tries to find solutions, and Fifa is pressed from all sides to come with an alternative.

In the first phase Fifa tried the system with 6 referees, tested it in Europa League, but even this solution doesn’t seem to be better. There were also speculations that the ball should contain a chip to signal when the ball passes the line of the goal but the solutions is not well seen by the specialists.

So at the moment it looks like the only viable solution is the video replay.Regarding the video replay the opinions are divided with a plus for it. Fifa is pressed to take a decision especially after the World Cup mistakes, when some of them proved to be crucial.

So after rugby, basketball, tennis or american football we might have video replays also in football. This decision would bring advantages but not only.

At advantages we can mention fewer mistakes that can decide games and fewer scandals. On the other side the spirit and the charm of the game would suffer.  Imagine for example a game show with a similar setup – a Who Wants To Be Millionaire Online Game for example would take so long and become boring. Also the game could have more than 10 minutes of additional time which could determine the players to lose their patience  awaiting for the verdict, the fluidity of the game could also suffer.

The final decision will be taken in November but there are chances for a positive answer.

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