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Euro 2016 quarter-finals preview

Posted on | June 30, 2016 | No Comments

The Euro 2016 quarter-finals look set to produce tightly-contested encounters. The first game of this stage will start tonight with Poland and Portugal battling for a place in the semi-finals.

Wales will play Belgium on Friday, Germany against Italy on Saturday and France against Iceland on Sunday. You can check the remaning UEFA Euro 2016 fixture list on BetHut.

With France, Germany and Italy all on the same part of the table we can have see one of Belgium, Portugal and Poland in the final.

France and Germany remain the main favorites, but Italy’s game against Spain proved that they should be also taken into consideration.

Of course the most interesting game will be Germany against Italy. This could have easily been the final.

Germany is getting stronger and stronger. They are the only team that have not conceded a goal.

Italy on the other side don’t have any individuals, as Conte recognized, but are strong as a team and very disciplined.

Wales vs Belgium preview – Euro 2016

Posted on | June 28, 2016 | No Comments

Wales will play Belgium on Friday 30 June in the second game of the Euro 2016 quarter-finals. Wales were placed in Group B along with England, Slovakia and Russia. They won the group with 6 points as they beat Russia and Slovakia and lost against England. Wales managed to qualify in the quater-finals after winning 1-0 against Nord Ireland in the next round.

Wales vs Belgium

Wales vs Belgium

On the other side Belgium were in the Group E with  Italy, Sweden and Ireland. They finished 2nd with 6 points, same as Italy. In the next round  they passed Hungary with a categorical 4-0 win.

Belgium and Wales were in the same Qualifying Group for Euro 2016 and both coaches know the strengths and weaknesses of the other team. Wales have won 4 points in the last 2 games but even so Belgium are the favorites according to the odds from Bet365. Wales manager Chris Coleman has praised Belgium squad and said that the minimum expectation for such players must be the semifinal.

For both sides is a good  chance to make history and they will do anything to win this match. With the favorites Germany and France on the other side of the table, the Belgium players are convinced that they can go through to the final and win it.

For Wales a win in this game could be a good chance of reaching a semifinal of a major football tournament for the first time ever. They participated at a major tournament only once before this summer, at World Cup in 1958 where they reached the quater-finals.

Playing Sport Themed Real Money Games

Posted on | June 20, 2016 | No Comments

Real money games online at websites like the Insta Casino have many different formats. There are lots of different types of real money games, and they’re going to lend themselves to very different formats and themes. Real money slot games are popular for a lot of reasons. However, they’re especially popular with developers in some respects because these are the sorts of games that are so easy to adapt to a wide range of different themes. Developers will find it easy to design a wide range of real money games online that will still all seem different from one another, since real money slot games are as versatile as they are.

The sport themed Real money games with slot game formats are some of the most popular games that anyone is going to play on websites like the Insta Casino. The Insta Casino and websites like it are going to attract people who really like sports to begin with for a lot of different reasons. Sports tend to strike a lot of the same chords as online gambling, and they’re going to attract a lot of the same people. Sports are all about adrenaline, competition, succeeding against the most impossible odds, pushing forward when the world seems to be throwing around too many obstacles, and becoming improbably wealthy in the process. These are the sorts of emotions and narratives that have appeal in the world of gambling. They have appeal in both worlds, so they’re going to become popular in both worlds, and they will mix with one another when it is possible for them to mix in the first place.

Naturally, sport themed Real money games with slot mechanics are going to be more common than sport themed Real money games with table game mechanics. Slot games just lend themselves to so many different themes that it’s easy for the developers to more or less add in anything that they want, and sports themes are going to be convenient choices for a number of reasons. The idea of sports themed blackjack seems to be more speculative. Oddly enough, sports themed poker would probably be popular, since many of the same people who like online sports betting really like poker games of all kinds. However, the sport themed Real money games with slot mechanics are still always going to be the most common sport themed real money games.

There’s a lot of pressure for developers to keep on producing real money games today. Real money games keep on getting more popular, and it’s important for developers to keep on expanding the market. They need to keep on releasing new material in order to accomplish market expansion on that level. Popular genres need to expand in order to stay popular, and they need constant influxes of new material. The sport themed Real money games with slot mechanics that people can find are only a few games among hundreds by this point in time. Developers are lucky to have a few such reliable themes.

Esports Gaming and Betting Online

Posted on | June 17, 2016 | No Comments

Have you ever heard of eSports? If you are a traditional gambler, chances are you may have no idea what eSports are, although you’ve probably seen a number of betting sites, like Pinnacle Sports and Bet365, who offer gamers the chance to make wagers on this pastime. How can you even begin to make money on something that didn’t exist just a few years ago? Something that wouldn’t be possible were it not for the invention of the wondrous internet?

Interesting in learning the answers to the aforementioned questions? To help you gain a better understanding, we offer this basic guide.

What are eSports?

To put it simply, eSports are electronic sports, or video gaming competitions. Although it seems to be relatively new, it has been around for decades. Based on information from the Daily Dot, the first foray involved and tournaments and leagues for first person shooter games like Unreal.

As of right now, the games that most eSports fans bet on are Call of Duty, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and DOTA 2. Obviously, none of these are truly sports games , but watching the best gamers in the world go head to head against one another can be just as thrilling as watching a football match.

Who’s Watching eSports?

Millions of people all over the world are watching eSports both online (on YouTube and Twitch) and in person. In fact, about a year ago, a four-day video tournament garnered an averaged 7 million viewers a day for the entire event. Its peak number of viewers reached 9 million on Saturday. Furthermore, the 2014 League of Legends World Championship tourney in South Korea was attended by almost 50,000 fans. What’s more? The DOTA 2 championship held in the United States attracted almost 20,000 fans. While it may not be that much to you, consider what eSports are to fully realize what this means.

Why would anybody want to bet on eSports?

If you look at it from an objective standpoint, there really is that much difference betting in teams playing football or League of Legends. Consider this- both teams use their skills to defeat their opponents. Furthermore, at the end of the match, they expect to profit from their mastery.

At the end of the day, eSports are excellent for someone who is looking for a little more action in their gaming. If the concept intrigues, you wouldn’t be alone. Experts are saying eSports fans from around the world bet over 200 million dollars on these events in 2015 alone. You can’t argue that this indeed is a lot of money but it’s just a drop in the bucket when you consider the projections for this industry. Based on information from Eilers Research firm, over 20 billion in wagers will be placed on eSports tourneys by 2020, that’s just four years away.


There are some who say, there’s no money in eSports – a phrase that couldn’t be further from the truth. As of right now, there are approximately 10,000 professional eGamers operating around the world. The highest paid of them nets approximately 1.5 million dollars a year. While this may not compare to the outrageous salaries of NFL, NBA, and other professional athletes, that’s still not bad for playing games: not bad at all.

The Bottom Line

Whether eSports sticks around for the next fifty years is anyone’s guess. But, one thing’s for sure – it’s entertainment value, continuing popularity, and potential for growth cannot be denied.

What do you think about eSports? Have you ever watched a game or participated in a tourney? Do you think that its popularity will continue to grow? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts/experiences in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

How far can England go at Euro 2016?

Posted on | June 14, 2016 | No Comments

On paper, England have a fantastic opportunity to emulate the World Cup-winning side of 1966 this summer. In reality, Roy Hodgson’s men are facing yet another embarrassing early exit at a major tournament. Despite playing well for the majority of their Group B opener with Russia, England slipped up in injury-time to hand the Russians a vital equaliser. And now, their clash with Wales – who beat Slovakia 2-1 earlier on the same day – is now perhaps the most important game in Hodgson’s tenure as England boss.


Before Saturday’s draw, many believed England could win the competition this summer. And if truth be told, that hasn’t changed too much. The Three Lions showed enough maturity and quality to suggest that they are capable of going all the way to the final on July 10th but Roy Hodgson’s decision-making has to change. If the England boss is too defensive, they will crash and burn at the first hurdle – just as they did in Brazil.

Victory over Wales on Thursday is now absolutely essential. Not only will it give England a great chance of finishing at the top of Group B but three points will also build some much-needed momentum after their deflating draw in Marseille. On their day, England are capable of putting three or four goals past Wales but Chris Coleman’s side will be buoyed by their victory and the Welsh passion, endeavour and hunger will be difficult to beat.

Selection vital

If nothing else, Hodgson must freshen things up. Harry Kane, playing in his 61st match of the campaign, looked tired in the warm conditions and the Tottenham Hotspur man was starved of support at times throughout Saturday’s clash. Hodgson has a number of options; either deploy Leicester City man Jamie Vardy on one of the flanks or tweak his system slightly to accommodate the Foxes striker alongside Kane in attack.

Either option would work. Hodgson simply has to use both Kane and Vardy in attacking areas – they are too good to sit on the bench. In fact, England’s main men finished as the two top goal scorers in the Premier League last season; and this statistic alone is one of the chief reasons why they both deserve to start upfront. After all, goals win matches and Kane and Vardy will certainly bring plenty of goals to the side.

In addition, the Wayne Rooney ‘problem’ could affect England’s chances. Should Hodgson use him in midfield or is the Manchester United man more effective in an advanced role? Everybody has their own opinion but Rooney’s performance against Russia showed that he is able to hold his own in midfield. The England captain stepped up to the plate and his presence was sorely missed in the latter stages after he was replaced by Jack Wilshere.

Ultimately, Hodgson’s ability to respond to substitutions and adapt tactically will decide England’s fate this summer. They have enough talent on the pitch but without proper guidance and leadership, that talent is wasted. England simply cannot afford to fail again and neither can Hodgson. His managerial legacy hinges on success at the Euros this summer and adopting a defensive approach whilst controlling the game will hinder England’s chances.

England have enough quality to get the job done but all of the pressure is on Hodgson’s men ahead of a tournament-defining clash with Wales. Win and England have the chance to be heroes again. Anything less and both their title aspirations and Roy Hodgson’s legacy will be hanging by a thread…

Should Fifa introduce video replay?

Posted on | August 18, 2010 | No Comments

The video replay one of the most discussed topic in football in the recent years.

Everyone expects from the referees to be perfect, or at least to reduce the mistakes during the games but it looks that this is a very hard task to do. So everyone tries to find solutions, and Fifa is pressed from all sides to come with an alternative.

In the first phase Fifa tried the system with 6 referees, tested it in Europa League, but even this solution doesn’t seem to be better. There were also speculations that the ball should contain a chip to signal when the ball passes the line of the goal but the solutions is not well seen by the specialists.

So at the moment it looks like the only viable solution is the video replay.Regarding the video replay the opinions are divided with a plus for it. Fifa is pressed to take a decision especially after the World Cup mistakes, when some of them proved to be crucial.

So after rugby, basketball, tennis or american football we might have video replays also in football. This decision would bring advantages but not only.

At advantages we can mention fewer mistakes that can decide games and fewer scandals. On the other side the spirit and the charm of the game would suffer.  Imagine for example a game show with a similar setup – a Who Wants To Be Millionaire Online Game for example would take so long and become boring. Also the game could have more than 10 minutes of additional time which could determine the players to lose their patience  awaiting for the verdict, the fluidity of the game could also suffer.

The final decision will be taken in November but there are chances for a positive answer.

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