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How to watch a football game live?

Has it ever happened to you that your favorite team was playing and you did not get the chance to watch the game live on TV?

Well here is how you can watch all games from Serie A, Primera Division, Premier League or any other league. More that that you can watch almost any sport from American football, tennis, basketball, golf to hockey or any other sport.

All you have to do is to go to a live page stream click on live sports, chose the right category of sport and select your favorite game.

Most of the times you have the option to select the program that you want to use to watch the game, the used programs are TVANTS, SOPCAST, TVU, VLC.

To use this programs you have to download them first and follow the instructions.

There is also a beginners guide in case you are not familiar with P2P programs.

There is also a forum page where you can find the answer to to your question, you can share your opinions or just find what’s new on the site.

Have fun and enjoy!