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Football Podcasts to Follow

Posted on | November 5, 2021 | No Comments

Different forms of media have been growing in popularity online over the past decade and thriving more than ever with a change in working habits with the big shift to remote working and launch of newer platforms too –this includes streaming options for movie and TV, gaming options available at casino genie and many others, and for those with a bit more time to listen it also includes podcasting too which has become one of the most listened to forms of media. There are podcasts to cover all sorts of topics and with all sorts of views on these topics too, and for football fans there are certainly some must listen to options out there.

The Peter Crouch Podcast – It’s always great to get an inside look at what it’s like to be in the profession and in the sport, and former player Peter Crouch has a podcast that regales listeners with stories of his time in the English Premier League and what it’s like to play for some of the biggest clubs in the world, as well as playing at an international level. Whilst it doesn’t cover a lot of topics like football betting which have become an interest, it does give a great unique perspective that’s hard to find outside of a current or former professional player.

Trademate Sports Betting Podcast – This one has a bigger look at all things football betting and hosts a number of different interviews with experts and insiders in the industry – with longer episodes and multiple episodes per week, if getting into the act of football betting is on the mind then this is one worth exploring. The experts can help provide some information that could change the way punters approach wagering, and insiders might be able to give some specific information that could help with unique situations, providing a well-rounded listen.

The Athletic – If looking for something a little more focused around game theory and the ins and outs of decisions teams are making – Zonal Marking is an in-depth look at the way teams are performing and why certain decisions have been made, and may help provide a more expert look at the way games in the future could round out, and for those looking to place a wager could provide some insight into what to look out for from a tactical perspective which may be harder to think of ordinarily.

New football podcasts are popping up all the time, so there is plenty of coverage to look out for to fit any interest or niche – be sure to check a few out and there may be some surprises hidden amongst the others to fill that football need.

Olympic Games 2021 – What does it take to be a skilful swimmer?

Posted on | July 23, 2021 | No Comments

The Olympics 2020 have been postponed until 2021, with new dates set. The Games will be held in Tokyo from 23 July to 8 August. There are 33 sports games spread-out to 40 different stadiums and centres, each of which is designed to fit its own sporting activity. For example, swimming events such as diving are being held at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre.

Did you know? The world’s top swimmers can cover 50m of water within an average of 21 seconds. These swimmers create extraordinary speed and power, and they do this by exercising every little detail of their body to ensure that every muscle is fit and active. When you watch the swimming events, take in account every detail performed by the Olympic athletes, such as how they dive into the pool to begin with, how fast they’re lunging for the next stroke etc.

There are so many factors to consider in swimming, or in fact any other sport, that’s most likely why the Olympic Game is such an anticipated and viewed tournament, it also tailors to most people as there are a wide number of sports available. Make this tournament more interesting for yourself by backing your favourite athletes, like at, you will be given fantastic odds and even be rewarded with free bets and additional bonuses.

England host Germany to progress through the round of 16

Posted on | June 24, 2021 | No Comments

The Germans lost their opening championship game 1-0 against France. Despite losing their first game that caused upset with fans and the squad, the team bounced back with a 4-2 win over Portugal. The Germans finished second in Group F after Kai Havertz’s second half equaliser against Hungary.

Gareth Southgate, England’s team finished first in group D, however the side lacked goals throughout the tournament. The English men started their European campaign against Croatia, this side is known to the British nation and to Southgate because England got knocked out of the World Cup semi-finals by this team. That was in 2018, however, in the Euro 2020’s, England manage to secure a 1-0 victory over the side. Moving on form that, England drew 0-0 to Scotland and got a 1-0 victory with Czech Republic.

As a result, Gareth Southgate’s players were aware that their round-of-16 opponents would be the team who finished second in the ‘group of doom,’ which Germany did by drawing 2-2 with Hungary on Wednesday night.

The manager of Germany, Joachim Low will face England on Tuesday 29th June at Wembley Stadium. The anticipation for this fixture is growing, Joachim Low said “My team are more than ready, expect a tough match”

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The British Nation is with The Lions

Posted on | June 10, 2021 | No Comments

All eyes are on England on Sunday 13th June as they take on Croatia to kickstart their EURO 2020 campaign. The English nation and Gareth Southgate are familiar with Croatia as they knocked out England in the 2018 Russia World Cup with a 2-1 defeat.

England Captain, Harry Kane is looking to cause trouble upfront playing against Turkey, he is “determined and focused” and is ready to lead England and hopefully bring home the trophy, what an achievement that will be. As Gareth Southgate’s team is formed, fans across the nation come together as one to support their players by club where they play their trade.

The odds are in England’s favour with them coming in as 4/5 to secure the win whereas the odds for Croatia are 7/2. Fans should be comfortable watching England play this match as England have won 7 matches out of 10. The English side still have to play Romania before they play Croatia so fingers cross that England can continue the winning streak alive.

You can back England vs Croatia on these available betting sites, we have compiled a list of websites where you can find the best odds and bonuses. The betting sites that we have suggested are sites that are not with the Gamstop scheme. Anyone around the world has the availability to register.

Top football clubs 2021

Posted on | June 10, 2021 | No Comments

Football. Is one of the most watched sport in the world. You find that were are different football cubs out there but when it comes to rankings there are some that are always at the top. Here are some of the top ranking teams in the world.

1. Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the older clubs that is still in existence. It’s one of the top football clubs having won a lot of trophies which include 6 Premier League titles and winners of the current Champions League as reported by news, sports betting and best online casino sites. They arranged top of the list. The team also has top class players which include Kurt Zouma.

2. Manchester United

This is also one of the most popular clubs in the world. Just like Chelsea it is also one of the oldest having been formed early in the 19th century. Manchester as maintained its trends of winning leagues. Its top winnings include 20 Premier League wins.

3. Liverpool

Just like the ones mentions earlier this team has been in the game for a long time as well. Having some top players’ in the likes Stdio Mane and Liam Miller the team is quite competitive as well. Some of its greatest wins ever include 19 Premier Leagues.

4. Barcelona

Barcelona is a Spanish football club founded in 1899. Since then, it has proved to be one of the best teams in the world. According to, the club has won a lot of league trophies with the help of top players like Lionel Messi playing for it. It has 26 La Liga trophies to its name as well as 5 champions leagues trophies.

5. Manchester City

Manchester city is also some top ranked football clubs in Europe to dates back to the 80s and since then they pride themselves Premier Leagues and other titles.

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