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European Championships overview – season 2009 – 2010

Posted on | April 19, 2010 | No Comments

If in recent years we were used that in the most powerful European Championships to have the same three four teams fighting for the title it seems that the things have changed this year.

In Premier League, Manchester United used to make the law while Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have tried to keep the pace. This year Chelsea seems to take his place while Manchester City are very close to a big achievement, Champions League qualification.

Inter also dominated the Seria A championship for the last four years and Roma, Milan or Juventus battling for the next places. The Romans have big chances of winning the Serie A title this year if they will manage to keep the form. Also Palermo are favorites for a Champions League place while Juventus will have to fight only for a Europa League place.

In Spain we can not say the same thing. Barcelona and Real Madrid are still the Primera candidates and Malorca seems to be the surprise. Valencia, Sevilla and Malorca will fight for the two Championship places.

Bundesliga Champions have changed almost every year in the last couple of season. Anyway this season Bayern seems to be the favorites. Leverkusen and Shalke have still chances for the title while Werder, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Wolsburg will fight for a Europa League place.

Lyon is by far the greatest French team with seven consecutive titles. Anyway Laurent Blanc and co have stole the title last year and Marseille have big chances of doing the same this year.

In Holland were Ajax and PSV used to share the titles some years ago, the title favorites are Twente. Alkmaar were the last year champions.

With all this said the football betting fans will enjoy higher quota for the next year winners.



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