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Is this the new galaticos era for Real Madrid?

Posted on | June 23, 2009 | No Comments

Only few days after signing Kaka from Milan, Real Madrid announced another transfer, the biggest ever, Ronaldo from Manchester United.



Manchester United have finally accepted the €96 millions bid for their Portuguese star after refusing to negotiate for more then a year.

With this transfer Real is beating his previous record dating from 2001 when they signed Zidane from Juventus. And Florentino Perez is not going to stop here. The new Real Madrid president is also interested in signing David Villa  and Maicon in order to build a new powerful team at Bernabeu.

If all this transfers will be done this team would overcome the galacticos regarding transfer amounts.In order to reduce the financial loss, Real Madrid president announced that all current players are transferable except for one or two of them.

With all this said we are asking ourselves if there is a financial crisis for everybody, or if football is only a game. All we can say is that football, and sports in general, have evolved so much that is difficult for many teams to keep pace.

Another question would be if Real can recover from the bad shape and to be the best in the World again. Probably many of us are still remember that invincible team with Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo that used to make spectacle every match. But to be successful doesn’t mean to be spectaculous.

Real Madrid keeps buying middfielders and forwards but not defenders and I’m afraid that this is the main reason for their insucces.



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