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The Evolving World of Online Bookmakers

Posted on | November 21, 2017 | No Comments

As many would not remember, 1996 marked the year that Tottenham Hotspurs and Hereford United (from the UK) played an entertaining FA Cup game. This game is significant in the history of online betting, as it is the first match where a sports wager was placed at the world’s first online betting site, Intertops. However since then, online betting has evolved at an aggressive pace.

At the time, the first online gambling operator opened its ‘virtual doors’ and not many countries warmed up to the idea of a game of chance being determined electronically. There were many that were sceptical (some are still are) and this made it difficult for bookmakers as they had to go through a rigorous and strict process to attain a license in the few territories where online gambling was allowed. As time passed however, things changed and there are now more licensing authorities in not only individual countries, but also on a global scale. As the world embraced online gambling, more businesses started to mushroom, creating a massive supply of services within the industry. If you are among those who are particularly interested in starting your own sportsbook site, you may go here for more info on becoming a book maker.

As mentioned above, the first online bookmaker was established in 1996, and 20 years down the line it now has over a thousand competitors! The increase in competition contributed to the overall health of the industry, encouraging even more innovation and creativity. With that said, operators have made available huge rewards for players through generous bonuses, better odds, promotions, and prizes. You can easily find some of the best sports betting bonuses at top bookmaker sites these days.

There is a huge difference in how punters place bets, play games, and withdraw funds in this day and age as compared to previous years. Online sportsbooks platforms of today offer an improved experience, are more friendly, easy to navigate and highly responsive. In addition to serving their primary purpose, bookies deliver more value to the player than in the past.

From the first wager, we know that football was the main sport players were betting on. However, for other markets, it is unclear what online bookies hosted back then in terms of the amount of other less popular sports. Currently, there are way more sports and games covered which includes virtual games as well. In addition to this, there is also a huge increase in the variety of wagers and odds.



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