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Bookmaker Sponsors in the EPL – The Who’s Who

Posted on | February 19, 2016 | No Comments

One doesn’t have to be an expert to notice the tight connection between sports betting and sports. I mean, the link is clearly visible from the names of these two phenomena. And maybe not all of those who watch football, or sports in general, bet on football games, but a vast majority of those who make wagers follow football and watch at least a couple of matches. Of course, bookmakers would be stupid not to use this situation and not to promote themselves where football fans can notice. So, one obvious solution for them is to become sponsors of football teams.

No Club without a Betting Sponsor

This practice became so widespread that there wasn’t a single team in the English Premier League that didn’t have a sponsorship deal with a betting company. Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, all 20 teams in the Premier League had at least a smaller sponsorship deal with a betting company or alternatively with an online casino operator, or both. Some of these deals were pretty large and in some occasions a betting company is the main sponsor of a club, whereas in others the deals are smaller.

Exclusive Deals

The pride of East London- West Ham, signed an astonishing £20 million deal with Betway. This 3 year contract made Betway their main sponsor and the company name and logo is featured on their shirts and inside the stadium. Sunderland has a two year deal with Dafabet, and it is speculated that the full value of the contract is £12 million, which means £6 million per year, but this information hasn’t been confirmed by either the club or the company. You can see Dafabet logo on Sunderland’s shirts. Newly promoted Bournemouth have signed a 1 year deal with Mansion Group. Mansion Group operates an online casino.

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Related Site – Betway Casino and Sportsbook. became Watford’s official sponsor when the club was still in the Championship. The details were undisclosed, however this Asian brand got a full kit sponsorship deal for 3 years, which means that this is the last season of their contract. We don’t know if it has been renewed.

What’s going on in London?!

One of the biggest clubs in the EPL- Arsenal, has signed three sponsorship deals with bookmakers for the current 2015/16, but some of the companies will definitely remain club’s partners in the following two years. Betfair became the club’s official European betting partner, with the exception of the UK, Italy, Ireland and Russia, because Arsenal has a valid contract with Paddy Power for those five countries. Bodog, on the other hand are Arsenal’s Asian partner.

Arsenal’s biggest rivals, Tottenham Hotspurs signed an exclusive two year deal with Mansion Group in 2014, which means the company will remain their sponsor at least until the end of this season. Speaking of Mansion Group and London clubs, we should say that Crystal Palace also signed a sponsorship deal with the company in 2015. Another great London club- Chelsea sealed a deal in 2015. Namely, BetVictor became an official sponsor of the London Blue since June 2015, but very few details concerning the deal were published.

Sponsorship Deals in the Footballing North-West

Liverpool and Manchester United may be the most fierce rivals in English football but that didn’t stop them from signing a sponsorship deal with the same company- Marathonbet. The company was determined to increase its presence on the UK market and agreements with two of the few most popular clubs in the country is definitely the way to do it. United’s rivals, City landed a deal with Betsafe in 2015, it was announced in October. The details of the deal weren’t published, but the company will have the right to offer special deals to Man City fans and will be the only company allowed to offer real-life betting at their Stadium. The deal is a long-term deal, but the exact period wasn’t disclosed. Liverpool’s rivals on the other hand, Everton, concluded a two year sponsorship deal with Coral in 2014.

Other Sponsorship Deals

When it comes to the other Premier League clubs, they have been pretty active in concluding sponsorship deals with bookmakers as well. West Brom signed two sponsorship deals in 2015, one with NETBET and another with TLCBet. Newcastle are the second club which has a deal with Coral and Norwich are the third. Betfair and Bet365 will be Aston Villa’s sponsors for this and the following season. Dafabet were their previous betting sponsor. Leicester City, the biggest surprise of the season, also have a deal with Bet365, as do Stoke City, whereas Southampton have a deal with Betfair. The only Welsh club in the EPL, Swansea have a one year sponsorship deal with 12BET.



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