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Derby in Manchester and London

Posted on | December 1, 2008 | No Comments

This weekend’s matches in premier league presented two old traditional derbies, local derbies between clubs from the same city.

It was the case of Manchester United and Manchester City on one side, and Chelsea and Arsenal on the other side.These derbies are the most interesting ones, and are seen by the fans the match of the season that needs to be won.The rivalry between local clubs of the same city is always fierce, and the atmosphere is always electrical, for the fans it doesn’t even matter what position in the table their team occupies, as long as the team is able to defeat the rival.This was the case these weekend, the cities of Manchester and London had witnessed the encounter of their local football club teams.Robin van Persie brought the victory to Arsenal in three minutes in the second half by scoring two goals, after Chelsea had the lead in the first half, and the game finished 2-1 for Arsenal.On the other derby Manchester United defeated their local rival Manchester City with only 1-0 despite the dismissal of Cristiano Ronaldo.



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