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Should Copa America Be Cut in Order to Save the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers?

Posted on | May 21, 2020 | No Comments

It has been eight weeks since the suspension of the South America’s Champion’s League has been suspended.

The league had undergone just six weeks of group phase action. The suspension was due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Other leagues such as the European Football League and the Premier Soccer league have been affected as well.

Initially CONMEBOL hoped to restart the league on May 6 but that was not the case as the date came and passed.

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League will Resume

If the administrators do resume the league, they will have to make difficult decisions. The decisions include deciding what to do in order to complete the full calendar. They would have to switch to the shorter format in order to finish the league. If they do decide to move the league to next year then they would have encounter financial loses. Well if you get tired of waiting for the league you can play real money online casino games at instead you will never be disappointed.

South America has the most competitive World Cup qualifying on the entire planet

New Teams That Were Appearing for the First Time in The 2020 Copa America League

Australia and Qatar had been invited to participate for the first time in the league. It has been the tradition of CONMEBOL to invite guest nations to play in the league.

Copa America 2020 Hosts

Argentina and Colombia were sharing the duties for the 2020 league. This is the 10th time that Argentina has hosted the league.

Copa America History

It is the oldest football competition of national teams in the world. It was called Copa America since its 30th edition in 1975. As you read along, you can also check casino games and play at an online casino like bestunitedstatescasinos anywhere.

Guest Teams

CONMEBOL began inviting guest teams in 1993. The first teams to be invited were United States and Mexico.

Copa America had two cups, one of the cups which was named America’s cup was made in 1965. The other one was produced in 2016.

Countries that Participated

There are a total of 18 countries that have participated until 2019.



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