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Football players and their vices

It is well known that football players are spending huge sums of money on their vices. That’s why lots of them are bankrupt just after retiring from playing. On the other side there are also players that are winning nice sums of money. There are a lot of examples with famous players but I won’t […]


Online Casino Vs Land-based Casino

Land-based casino gambling has been attracting millions for years. Online casinos have but taken the rage to the next level; attracting existing and new gamblers/players alike. This of course is accredited to the advantages that an online casino offers as compared to a brick-and-mortar one. First of these advantages is the number of casinos that […]


Gambling and casino games online

As well as sports, gambling and casino games are hobbies for many peoples. Often due to the lack of time or some other reasons they can not practice them. Now gamblers who  enjoy betting on sports results or playing slots games at an online casino have found both a lot easier to do online. Besides […]