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Top – 11 The most popular sport games according revenue 2016

Posted on | March 28, 2016 | No Comments

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The origins of sport can be traced back to 2000 BC gymnastics. Sports were simple then, based on endurance and skill, and served the purpose of training as well as entertainment for the masses. It retained much of these qualities even today, remaining an indispensable part of our culture with big number of very popular sports and immense fan base. All this of course results also in big media coverage, sports industries and other variations of business thriving and circulating vast amounts of money.

1. Soccer / association football 3.5 Billion Fans. Europe, Africa, Asia, America

Currently most popular sport in the world was introduced with its modern rules in the middle of the 19th century in England. There were various versions of this game prior to it with players kicking balls towards certain targets.

The proof of its popularity for example is that almost every town in your country has at least 1 football team. There are many powerful clubs nowadays present and therefore none are dominant for too long. Premier League (England and Wales) had €8,700 million revenue in 2013-2014 resulting in €290 million per team. More information about football statistics you can find on official Football Association website here.

Russian Premier League had €896 million revenue. Major League Soccer (USA and Canada) had €414.3 million revenue, while South African Premier Division (South Africa) had €111 million revenue.

2. Cricket 2.5 Billion. Asia, Australia, UK.

This sport fully developed in early 18th century in what was then British Empire. It is very popular in its ex-colonies – British Isles, West Indies, Southern Africa, etc.

England and India are the ones dominating the international competitions with Australia and Africa right behind them.
An indicative of its popularity in India for example is that Indian Premier League had a €160 million revenue in 2013, resulting to €17.8 million per club.

3. Field Hockey 2 Billion. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.

Interesting fact about this sport is that originated in two places which developed it independently around 3rd century B.C. (Europe and Asia).

However, the form in which we know it today was introduced in the 19th century England. Firstly India and Pakistan were dominant on the international scene (middle of the 20th century), and later the dominant role was earned by Netherlands and Australia.

Even though the sport is male-dominated throughout the world, it is female-dominated in the USA. National Hockey League (USA and Canada) had €3,390 million revenue which amounts to €110 million per club in 2013-14.

4. Tennis 1 Billion. Europe, Asia, America

Tennis was introduced back in 14th century, but it appeared in its modern form and rules at the middle of the 19th century.

The international scene in this sport was never dominated by a single country/player for a too long time (for example, from 2004-2014 14 different players from 8 different countries made it to the first place).

So far Roger Federer has been the highest paid player with $65 million. It is estimated that between 11 and 17 million people in US play tennis according to statistics.

5. Volleyball 900 Million. Europe, Australia, Asia, America

What helped this sport’s popularity is that it only needs a ball and a net to work. Even the surface does not matter much (it can be sand, grass, cement).

It was introduced to Olympic Games in 1964 and no country has since really kept a long dominance in the area of traditional volleyball.

On the other hand, Americans and Brazilians dominated the beach volleyball scene (introduced in 1996).

6. Table Tennis 850 Million. Europe, Africa, Asia, America.

This sport has been gaining in popularity in Europe lately, but its main area of dominance is China (interest in it is also spread over the rest of Asia).

Its rules are easy to understand, and the equipment required is easy to be made which added to its being popular. Chinese dominate the international scene, and what is interesting is that since 1992 only Chinese women won international competitions.

An interesting fact about the rise of popularity is that Stiga, the producer of equipment for table tennis creates about 300,000 in Mexico, 200,000 in Europe (Germany), and 200,000 in China.

7. Baseball 500 Million. America, Japan.

Its current form was developed in England at the beginning of the 20th century. What makes this game unique is a direct competition between its players (batter and pitcher).

It has fans all around the world and Cuba has become powerful in this field winning a lot of Olympic gold medals. Another country that achieved much in this field is Japan, it won 2/3 World baseball classics.
Major League Baseball (USA/Canada) had a €8,700 million revenue in those countries (290 million revenue per club).

8. Golf 450 Million. Europe, Asia, America, Canada

It was introduced in theory in 13th century, but it became a real sport in the 15th century in Scotland.

What is peculiar about this sport is that there is a lack of perceived, direct competitiveness – during the contests, the golfers never face each other, which may be a downside for many fans.

It is currently dominated by American players (Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer). There are about 22 million Americans participating in this sport and 4.39 Europeans according to the statistics. The golf industry had an economic output of $15,000 million in California.

9. Basketball 400 Million. America

This sport originates from 19th century America and it has since spread all around the world. Initially Americans dominated, but with its growth, other countries came into competition such as Argentina, Lithuania, etc.

It is a tendency for players in America who cannot make it to the NBA league to try their luck in other countries these days. NBA had a total of €4,580 revenue in USA and Canada in 2014/2015, while Major League Basketball had €8,700 million revenue in 2015.
More information about basketball you will here on the Basketball Reference website on the link.

10. American Football 400 Million. Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Australia.

American Football, as expected according to its name, has a largest fan base located in United States and Canada (about half of the total number).

This sport evolved from rugby at the end of the 19th century and NFL was established in 1920. In USA it had a €11,900 million revenue in 2015 season which amounts to €372 million revenue per club.

11. Casino Industry

Comparing all above mentioned, gambling have 1.6 billion (in 2005), a lot more now (primarily Australia, Italy, Canada and UK). So, the casino still can not compete with football.

Although Casino Industry with its Slots is not really recognized as a sport, the number of its fans as well as the amount of money being turned over by this industry is pretty comparable to regular sports.

Australia is the leader in this area with $1,200 spent per adult on gambling yearly. As much as 80% percent of adult Australians are considered gamblers. It is followed by Canada and Italy with its adults spending $600 per year on gambling on average.Another interesting statistic is that 75% of UK adults gamble from time to time, and that 85% of all American adults have gambled at least once. UK online gambling market had been worth about £1 billion in 2008, while in 2012 it was worth £2.28 billion.
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All these statistics and trends show us that it is expected that more and more money will be infused into these fields. Since sports are so important part of our culture, it is expected that people will remain being interested in either participating or following them via various media thus contributing to this increased influx of money.



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