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Video game tactics shown through video tutorials

Posted on | March 18, 2016 | No Comments

Video tutorials are now available on how to do almost anything. They are an entertaining way to get people to learn how to do something. It has become important to keep a clients attention on a product. This is especially true for digital products such as video games and online casino slots.

There is currently an explosion of video games on the market. Both free to play and games you have to pay for. Game developers and marketers are developing video tutorials to get players up to speed with game play quickly. Online casino games are just like video games in almost all aspects. They are also being taught to players using video tutorials. Failure by the casino operators to quickly show players how to play games will result in the premature exit from the site by gamers. This results in loss of potential revenue.

There are several types of video tutorials that can be used.

  • Tutorials which demonstrate how to play the game outside the real game. These are called Tutorials by Exposition. They consist primarily of text but may also have short video demonstrations. Sometimes they appear as pop ups during gameplay.
  • The Tutorial Room is the most widely used type of Tutorial. This involves walking the player through a particular section of gameplay. These are divided into thematic and contextual lessons.

Online video slots which are video games turned into gambling machines utilise various versions of tutorials. The value of video tutorials in all types of video games can never be disputed.



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