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Learn about the details of Kalinic’s unexpected return home.

Posted on | June 21, 2018 | No Comments

Kalinic is Out of the World Cup

Croatia has decided to send Nikola Kalinic, who may from here on out be ever known as the Reluctant Substitute, back home, ending what turned out to be a very short stint at the World Cup in Russia rather disgracefully.

The striker refused to leave the bench during the game against Nigeria, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, since he had done the exact same thing in a friendly against Brazil.

Dalic Confirms the Decision to Play Without Kalinic

Zlatko Dalic, the manager for the Croatian team, confirmed in a statement on Monday that the forward was no longer a part of the team. Dalic said that Kalinic had claimed he wasn’t fit enough to head on to the field during the Group D match, which Croatia managed to win without the sickly striker, with a final score of 2 – 0.

Dalic Gives Some Details as to Why He’s Booted Kalinic

Dalic said that Kalinic was warming up for the encounter with the Nigerians, and was scheduled to play during the second half. Apparently he then said that he wasn’t able to, due to a vague issue with his back.

Dalic then stated that the same thing had happened during the Brazil friendly which took place previously in England, and had once again come up before the practice session prior to the game against Nigeria.

Dalic confirmed that he accepts Kalinic’s self-diagnosis, but said that he needed players who were fit and ready to play, and that this is why he has chosen to relieve Kalinic of his position with the national team.

Dalic Didn’t Make the Decision Alone

The Croatian Football Association has stated that Dalic consulted with his coaching staff before removing Kalinic. The decision was confirmed a few hours after rumours of the player’s dismissal started circling in the press in Croatia.

After the match Dalic had alluded to a problem in the camp, but would not elaborate. He also would not initially respond to any questions regarding Kalinic.

A Disappointing Year for Kalinic

As punters who enjoy football thanks to the online betting NZ offers will know, Kalinic has played for Croatia 41 times, and has scored 15 goals for the team. But he last started for them in 2017.

Dalic has chosen to play Mario Mandzukic, from Juventus, as his main World Cup striker, and has put Andrej Kramaric from Hoffenheim in the support position.

This disgrace bookmarks what has been an anticlimactic year for Kalinic. The 30-year old player had a very underwhelming season when he was at Milan, on loan, scoring only six goals in the 31 games he appeared in.

Reports are suggesting that the player, formerly of Blackburn Rovers, may well be sold by his parent club, Fiorentina. There are apparently a number of Turkish clubs who have expressed interest.

As far as the Croats are concerned, they are going to have to see the rest of the tournament through with only 22 players, since no replacements are permitted at this stage.



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