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Road to World Cup,can Raymond Domenech do it?

Posted on | September 6, 2008 | No Comments

Raymond Domenech french coach has yet to prove himself in front of the french national supportes.
He promises an excitement performance for the fans in the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

After a good 2006 World Cup campaign, which ended in a shoot-out loss against Italy in the final
, Domenech’s France were among the favourites for UEFA EURO 2008.
However France disapointed in the EURO competition after drowing
against Romania 0-0, which they will have to face again in Group 7, loosing against Netherlads in a nightmare defeat 4-1 France’s worst UEFA European Championship result,
and their heaviest defeat in all competitions since 1982, and the final loss against Italy made national coach
Domenech  to begin to wory for his position and face the criticism.

raymond domenech

raymond domenech

Although having a very disapointing EURO performance Domenech kept his post thanks to French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes that said it was too risky to change the coach at that time.He also stated that many changes are
required and that the French football will bounce back.
For start, Alain Boghossian has come in as the 56-year-old Domenech’s assistant.France have also appointed new medical staff, with Alain Simon replacing Jean-Pierre Paclet as chief doctor,
 but the principal changes are set to come on the pitch.
The first friendly after EURO a 3-2 win against Sweeden made Domenech to become optimistic about the future, although the fans don’t seem to be very convinced.

Domenech aims to getting nine points in the fisrt three matches,any different outcome might be fatal for
his job.French side will therefore be interesting to follow and see if they can achive the greatest performances that they had in the near past in the World Cup Competition.



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