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Will Bale leave Tottenham this summer?

Posted on | July 31, 2013 | No Comments

Gareth Bale is one of the best players in the World at the moment and also one of the most wanted players. Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and Manchester United are among the teams that want the 24 years old midfielder.

Bale had an extraordinary last season when he managed to score 21 goals in Premier League. Even so Tottenham failed to qualify for Champions League. It is believed that Bale was promised that he will be allowed to leave the club if Tottenham will miss Champions League qualification spot. Sadly for Spurs the Scores didn’t go in their favour.

It’s clear that the player want to leave. When a club like Real Madrid makes a bid for a player it’s hard for any football player to refuse it.

Most of the football fans believe that Bale should join Real in order to become the best in the World. There are also a few who consider that it’s too early for him and that he should stay for another year to be ready for the next level. There are a lot of examples when players joined bigger teams and after a few games they failed to impose into the starting lineup.

Real Madrid had an offer of around €90 millions refused by Tottenham but it’s believed that they will come out with an improved offer of €115 millions. If the deal will be made it will exceed the €91 millions World record payed by Real Madrid for Ronaldo in 2009.



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