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Will Shady Betting in India Ruin Cricket Pro Leagues?

Posted on | June 20, 2013 | No Comments

There has much debate over the past few years and more so in the past couple months about the impact that betting is having over the game of cricket in India.  According to if the games were regulated in a legal betting system the chance of match fixing would be greatly minimized, if not eliminated.

“We’ve seen many countries legalize sport betting and the outcome is always a positive one.”  Punters move from underground bookies to licensed and regulated operators.  This leads to transparency in the market which keeps the athletes safe and as well the game.  This predominant problem in India has gone on long enough to the point where the ICC has stepped up and is asking to have the act of “placing wagers” licensed within the Central Goverment of India.

Currently India is running a format of cricket where the only winners are corrupt bookmakers that steer the game and don’t pay when outcomes are against their favor.  This has to stop according to many fans and officials.  “We are having our great game ruined,” said Raj, a cricket and betting fan.  “I like to place a bet or two, nothing more than a few hundred Rupees and I want to do so in a safe place.  I’m happy that I can do so at Bet365 but I’d like to be able to line shop and have the ability to hold my head up knowing that sport bets are skill, not something that should be illegal.”

As Indian States move headward in the battle of betting they are running the course such as the Americas did.  It appears they are flushing all current forms of gambling out and making way for their own.  Letters of Intent to legally run operations in India are on their way at the State level, but hopes are that the illegal bookies which run much of South Asia will not deter a positive outcome through gorilla scare tactics.



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