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Faroe wants to repeat history against Austria

Posted on | October 11, 2008 | No Comments

The national football team of Faroe Islands is one of the smallest football teams that are playing in UEFA’s World Cup qualifications, and is considered to be a very weak team by the other European national football teams,no wonder since most of it’s players are amateur and it’s best players are playing somewhere in Europe’s second divisions.Faroe is a team where most of the other European football teams hope to encounter and to have them in their group since practically playing against a team like Faroe means that six points are secured from the start.However from time to time, very rarely this kind of football teams , by discipline and commitment, can cause problems to bigger teams, we don’t need to look far to see examples, just remember this year’s win of Luxembourg against Switzerland.

faroe islands

faroe islands

In case of the Faroe Islands,their last huge success was eighteen years ago and it was against Austria.Eighteen years ago, Faroe defeated Austria in 1-0 win in what was their first official match in a qualifying stage and a humiliation for the Austrians.Now Austria comes back to Faroe after eighteen years having that humiliating result in mind, and want revenge.And the revenge might just be easy to get, because since the 92’s qualifications Faroe Islands have constantly declined, their only positive result being a 2-2 draw against Cyprus in 2004 in the last six years, and in the current road to World Cup South Africa qualifications group they have lost to Serbia and Romania.

Faroe is the kind of adversary that when underestimated can be very dangerous,so even if Austria badly wants the revenge they must keep in mind, not to think that the match is already won from the beginning.



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